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A little bit about me -

I was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. My family moved to Connecticut about the time I started high school. I spent my college years, and a few more after I graduated, in Atlanta. I now live in Newtown, Connecticut.

From my earliest years to the present I've always enjoyed being outdoors. That is probably one of the reasons I spend so much time focusing my camera lenses on the things I find in nature. I never get tired of trying to capture even just a portion of the various images the world presents. And there are so many incredible places in this country, especially in the National Parks, I am always eager to get out and discover new subjects for my photography.


A little bit about my photography -

A good photograph should have an impact. It should stir up some emotion, prompt a memory, generate some curiosity, or perhaps inspire a desire to visit that certain place. I'm hesitant to try and predict exactly what that impact should be in other people, or which photos are likely to generate the strongest reactions. After all photography is pretty personal, both in the taking and the viewing.


Most of my photography focuses on natural situations, although man-made items have certainly caught my interest and been included as well. Lately I am increasingly drawn to more close-up detailed shots especially of cars and old industrial equipment.  I"ve been very fortunate to travel a good bit around this country. Whether in the southwest, in New England, or on the island of Nantucket, my goal has always been to uncover the more unique or intriguing arrangements of visual circumstances that speak to the character of a place, or a thing. I try to use my camera and film to capture that ideal alignment of subject, elements, and light. Taking the time to scout and plan, and having a sense for what you are looking for are certainly key components for successful images. But I've also found that sometimes it is really just being at the right place at the right time, and being prepared with your camera, film, and tripod.


My first real camera was a Canon FTb 35 mm. I've brought it with me on practically all my travels in this country and internationally, and I still use it. A few years ago, I added a Pentax 6 x 7 medium format camera. While certainly demanding a different approach, this is a great camera and I really enjoy shooting with it. I'm still shooting film. Fortunately there is still a lot of really good film to choose from out there, but nobody is sure how long that film and the labs to process it will last. My current preference is Fuji Provia 100 for color work, and the Fuji Acros 100 for black and white, although that is being discontined.


My large photographic prints are very vibrant and detailed. And they are true to what was in front of the lens when I took the picture. I'm not a big believer in image processing software to dramatically change or enhance photographs. I like the results I get with film, even though it seems like most of the world is in a hurry to move past film.


Of course shooting with film makes the overall process a little slower. I can't just fire away and instantly see what I have. Film requires that I slow down a bit, put a little more thought into the individual compositions, and be more disciplined with what I am exposing. It also means I don't see the results of my photographs until after the film has been processed. But as you're packing away your gear most of the time you know, or at least you hope, that this may have been one of those occasions when you've captured something special.


When the images come out as good as I hoped, or in some cases even better, that's truly a great feeling. That's the thrill that keeps me going out and always looking for another opportunity to create a photograph that can have an impact. Shooting with film also means I need to convert my images from positive or negative film to a digital file to display on this web site. I am always in the process of converting more of the photos I've shot so they can be added to these galleries, so please check back here often.


I've also recently started working with a new digital camera, a Canon 5D Mark 4.  You'll find some of my digital acquisitions scattered in with other film-based images in several of my portfolios.  I have to admit I am intrigued with the flexibility that this digital platform offers but I will continue to bring my medium format camera and film with me on most shoots.


I hope that in some way, the enthusiasm and energy I put into taking my photographs comes through as you view this web site. Perhaps these images might inspire you to visit a place for yourself, or remind you of one you've already been to. And hopefully you'll be motivated to purchase a Silver Gelatin or digital archival print for your home or office, or as a gift.  I encourage you to visit the Current/Upcoming shows section on this website to learn about which exhibitions include my photographs.  In many cases the show title or gallery has a link that you can click on when you mouse over it.  


If you have any questions, please reach out and I'll be happy to respond.  In the meantime , I'll be out looking for the next great photograph, even if it happens to be over the horizon.



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Paul Berger

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